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in oakland is now facing a vehicular manslaughter charge. the chp says it pulled over a bmw on 90th avenue near bancroft on thursday night. but the driver took off as officers approached the car. a short distance away it collided with another car, killing a 21-year-old woman. the suspect ran but officers caught him. >> he did not appear to be very much under the influence. he was able to exit his vehicle and flee the scene, so that would show that he is coherent. >> police are still looking for a passenger who was in the suspect's car. >>> three more murders brings oakland's homicide rate to its highest level since 2006. two men were shot to death early yesterday morning. an hour and a half later, a woman was stabbed to death. police did make an arrest in her murder, but not the others. the killings were in an area of west oakland known for gang activity. the city's homicide rate now stands at 130. that is up from last year's total of 110. >>> a sixth person faces murder and other charges in the case of a man and woman found bound and gagged on a san francisco street. the authorities say
are delayed an average of an hour. no delays at san jose and oakland at this hour. >>> running in newtown connecticut to raise money for the sandy hook condolence fund. letters have been coming in. there are thousands everyday from all over the world. the post master says it's hard not to cry as they sort the mail. >>> more reaction after the national rifle association spoke publicly for the first time about the school shooting. many want new legislation. as danielle nottingham tells us the head of the nra says limiting sale of weapons is not the answer. >> nra has blood on its hands! >> reporter: security guards had to remove demonstrators when the head of the nra was speaking. protesters want a ban on assault weapons like the ones used in last week's shooting in connecticut. wayne lapierre says gun control is not the answer. he believes the government should put an armed police officer at every school. >> we can immediately make america's school safer relying on the brave men and women in america's police forces. >> reporter: senator diane fine stein working on gun control legislation s
. they are river otters and they are at the oakland zoo. zoo keeper ashley sent us this video. adorable. >> you know, rain not so bad unless it starts wreaking havoc. and brian is watching the latest system -- it looks like it's going to be the worse one. >> it will be in the ballpark of the system that we had yesterday. so it's right in the vicinity. >> i guess the concern is after we had the punch from yesterday, that this could just make things worse, the ground is already wet. >> yes. anything that falls just runs into the watershed like that nothing to soak it up and we know that story in the bay area. i guess the good news is that the rivers will reach flood stage at napa and st. e-y -- st. helena and guerneville. so the russian river and napa river bear watching. it doesn't look that they will be dramatically above flood stage and we will show you that in a minute. somebody needs a squeegee on that camera. 57 degrees in concord. oakland at 60 degrees. 57 in santa rosa. this early saturday morning and here is what we are expecting, low pressure continues to be the thing around which all o
overcast in the south bay. what we expect is sun to come out later in the day. concord has 44, oakland 50. liver more has 42, san francisco 52. to the bay bridge it is showing mostly clear skies. some high clouds will be spilling in later in the afternoon. other than that it looks okay. next rain is in the bay area wednesday. high pressure has reestablished itself over the west coast. as a result all the energy in the pacific is going over the top of the high and settling into idaho. from the bay area we'll get mostly sunny skies. if you are heading out expect the fog. temperatures will be in the mid 60s in sacramento and 59 at fresno. up north mostly sunny skies. if you are heading out of sfo monday it looks mostly sunny. northwest earlies will kick up. rain in new york. otherwise denver, chicago, la look okay as do we. in the bay area numbers will be 3 degrees above average in the low to mid 60s under mostly sunny skies until this afternoon. let's go with the sunshine theme. sunny skies through tuesday. on wednesday we increase the clouds to get a few showers. then the rest of the week,
their presence around local schools. oakland, fremont and palo alto police all increased school patrols. san francisco police already have resource officers on campus. they are double checking school safety plans. >>> a large crowd gathered to remember the victims in hartford. children could ride the carousel during a winter festival. it was canceled so that children and adults could gather there for that vigil. people across the country held vigils for the victims, survivors and their families in newtown. a main street in walnut creek, a dozen people met with candles. more than 200 people attended a vigil in rancho cordova. they were supposed to meet on how to prevent crimes against children. there's a vigil that starts at 8:00 in golden gate park. you can find more at cbssf.com. >>> we are looking at a chilly weekend and some rain. >> just a little bit. >> just enough to have to carry that umbrella around. >> exactly. it's a knewnuisance rain today. we are starting out with a little bit of sun here and there around the bay area. there's just a few tiny echoes offshore. those indicate a sy
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5